Pitch and Win

The Key To Successful Tenders & Proposals

It's a mathematical certainty that most pitches don't win. To firm the odds, successful pitch teams apply rigorous frameworks to the creation of their proposals.

Pitch and Win provides your pitch team with the essential components to confidently assess, create and deliver compelling pitches that win business. 

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Present To Persuade

Be Confident, Be Authoritative, Be Persuasive

When presenting or pitching your ideas, your ability to persuade your audience is critical. At these moments you will convince your audience, win the business, influence your company's strategic direction ...or not. It's that simple.  

Discover the art of persuasion and the skills to confidently deliver compelling presentations that deliver results.

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Trusted Advisor

High Value, Client Conversations

High performing advisors link the strong needs of their clients with the value they can deliver, and thus sell without 'selling'. They become trusted advisors and are referred by their clients.  

Become your client's most trusted advisor, manage efficient client meetings and drive higher revenue

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Leader Communications Masterclass

Align, Inspire, Lead

Eisenhower said, Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. Telling people what to do rarely achieves this. 

The secret lies in discovering what motivates people. This program provides highly effective communication techniques to align your team, inspire high performance and achieve outstanding business results.

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