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Program outcomes

Discover the art of persuasion and complete this program with the skills to deliver compelling presentations that get results.

  • Confidence and authority
  • A presentation framework to help you structure any presentation
  • Presentations that compel an audience to listen and take action
  • Vocal & physical presence

Program content

  • Work on your own presentation with many opportunities to practice
  • A presentation framework
  • Techniques for confidence
  • Vocal and physical presence
  • Tricks of the trade - how to best use microphones, lecterns, PowerPoint etc…
  • Controlling the presentation
  • Facilitated by professionals with proven track records in business, theatre, education and graphic design.

Program Overview

I entered this presentation skills workshop with trepidation and lacking confidence, and exited with tools and skills that greatly enhanced my presentation credentials. I now travel the world presenting to audiences. 

Gary Lewis, MD Robust Resources

What distinguishes this program? 

At the heart of this program is a proven framework for creating persuasive presentations, based upon classical principles of Rhetoric. 

Rhetoric refers to the art of employing language to inspire action through argument.  

Practical and hands-on, the program is facilitated by professionals with a proven track record in business, theatre, professional development and graphic design. You will explore vocal presence with a professional voice coach, body language, use of presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Prezi, whiteboards, lecterns and microphones. You will discover techniques to control anxiety and build confidence. Importantly, you will have frequent opportunities to rehearse your presentation in a private and friendly environment. 

This program will ensure your audience is engaged and compelled to listen, that you feel confident and in control, and that your presentations achieve your goals.